Summer rolls on

We’re a third of the way through summer, and this morning, the cicadas are singing.  It feels peaceful.  There isn’t much to be done, and its nice to just sit on the back porch and pitter.

Real Freedom

It’s been a very busy year.  I’ve had the pleasure to be paid for covering the Daytona 500, March Madness, The Masters, and tomorrow, The Coke Zero 400.  We’re only 63 days until kick-off of Georgia Football.

Today we celebrate Independence Day, so I will remind you and myself that real freedom comes through Jesus Christ, who has the power to reconcile us to God, that we might obtain the fullness of Life that was created by Him.

Have fun and don’t blow off any of your fingers!

My Babe Ruth

I did a demo of an ad-served mobile application-to-application deep link from a NASCAR app to a CNN app.

I pondered how to harness this new power.   Babe Ruth pointed to the stands before he hit that famous home run.  Here’s mine.

I want to get NASCAR to run a house ad that clicks thru to some CNN article that NASCAR values, via deep linking.

Like maybe this one.

Maybe CNN does a special page to highlight some NASCAR technology, so its a barter ad.  Maybe

NASCAR and CNN? I can hear your questions.  Yeah, it’s my destiny, and one day I’ll ping back to this post to prove it.  🙂