The Wedge Effect

Where I live, we have this weather phenomenon known as “The Wedge Effect”.

A High off the Coast North of us, piles up the ocean moisture against the Appalachians, and we end up with soupy weather.  Sometimes raining hard, other times, just a continuous mist.

Anyway, when this happens, the winds are out of the EAST and that means my Georgia Bulldogs Flag is flying backwards, when I’m standing on the front porch.  I hate that shit.

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An Inflection Point

My Grandmother died Tuesday, September 29.

She spent over a week in the hospital, but passed away peaceful, without much pain.

I’m grateful for that.

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When you call “managers”, “coaches”…

I remember getting to see it, many years ago at a plant that worked in.  It occurs to me that the word “plant” is  gone from the lexicography.  But that’s another story.

At first the managers the resented the title change, but then the wisdom captured by Deming:

The aim of supervision should be to help people and machines and gadgets to do a better job

How many times have I sent, or been sent, out onto “the playing field” without really calling the play, or everyone knowing what the play was?

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Summer rolls on

We’re a third of the way through summer, and this morning, the cicadas are singing.  It feels peaceful.  There isn’t much to be done, and its nice to just sit on the back porch and pitter.

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Real Freedom

It’s been a very busy year.  I’ve had the pleasure to be paid for covering the Daytona 500, March Madness, The Masters, and tomorrow, The Coke Zero 400.  We’re only 63 days until kick-off of Georgia Football.

Today we celebrate Independence Day, so I will remind you and myself that real freedom comes through Jesus Christ, who has the power to reconcile us to God, that we might obtain the fullness of Life that was created by Him.

Have fun and don’t blow off any of your fingers!

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