The Springtime of my Loving

Friday was Passover, so we put in the Victory Garden.   I’ll post some pictures later on when it’s growing.  I listened to some awesome music while I tilled and raked and planted.

I look back at the last month, and think it’s not so bad, and He was with me the whole time.

I was really liking the part: “They are weak, but He is strong”.

The Wedge Effect

Where I live, we have this weather phenomenon known as “The Wedge Effect”.

A High off the Coast North of us, piles up the ocean moisture against the Appalachians, and we end up with soupy weather.  Sometimes raining hard, other times, just a continuous mist.

Anyway, when this happens, the winds are out of the EAST and that means my Georgia Bulldogs Flag is flying backwards, when I’m standing on the front porch.  I hate that shit.

When you call “managers”, “coaches”…

I remember getting to see it, many years ago at a plant that worked in.  It occurs to me that the word “plant” is  gone from the lexicography.  But that’s another story.

At first the managers the resented the title change, but then the wisdom captured by Deming:

The aim of supervision should be to help people and machines and gadgets to do a better job

How many times have I sent, or been sent, out onto “the playing field” without really calling the play, or everyone knowing what the play was?