My Last Nortel Project

I like to plan things out, and then execute the plan to see if my estimates were correct.  That’s how I became a project manager.  As the infrastructure PM, I was responsible for defining requirements and developing plans for integrating Voice, WAN, LAN, Server, Desktop infrastructure, and Help Desk for the GENBAND purchase of the Nortel CVAS business.

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This was the plan to get to “Day 1” which was very important because it had financial penalties for missing deliverables.   My Nortel days are over, but I’m proud my last project was successful and was run like a PMP should.  One day, I will write the exam, just to get that monkey off my back, but it doesn’t interest me for now – I’m already good at it.  I’m focused on improving my entrepreneurial skills and implementing the business infrastructure needed to implement my ideas.