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videojs 7.x-3.0-alpha3

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Release info

Created by: Jorrit
Created on: 1 May 2017 at 07:12 UTC
Last updated: 1 May 2017 at 07:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

First of all, my apologies for the lack of maintenance for this version in the last four years. I got stuck implementing subtitles and as my Drupal project ended I did not have time anymore to work on this project, hoping someone would take over. Recently I started working on a new Drupal project and while being annoyed by the lack of maintenance in some projects I realized that I was responsible for this negligence as well. I hope this release is not too late.

This release fixes the most important issues, adding support for more recent Video.js versions and expanding CDN support. Later I hope to add less important issues and then release 3.0 final

Improvements compared to 7.x-3.0-alpha2

  • Issue #1864438 by Jorrit: Added support for selecting the default track.
  • Issue #2028357 by roball: Fixed track language code attribute.
  • Issue #2024815 by Jorrit: Added support for inline videos in wysiwyg editors using the Media module and added other compatibility fixes with the Media and File Entity modules.
  • Issue #2024815 by Jorrit: Added extra classes for files displayed using the media module.
  • Issue #2050721 by leonardo.drupal: Fixed wrong default_value index for the default subtitle drop down.
  • Issue #2069865 by jamiehollen: Moved check_plain() and file_create_url() from template to preprocess.
  • Update version detection regex and add support for version 5 and 6
  • Fixes videojs_get_version() when using Libraries API or CDN
  • Allow selecting a specific CDN version, default to 6.0.0.